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An ERP is a significant and emotional investment for a company.  It can help streamline, optimize, and automate your business, increase efficiency, and provide real-time insights to make data-driven decisions.  An good ERP is not only a solution, but a customizable, extendable platform that helps your business achieve its competitive advantages.

We are licensed and certified resellers of many ERP solutions.  Let us help you choose which is the right ERP solution for your company.

In order to successfully implement ERP, you need a reliable team consisting of professionals with many years of experience that are looking to build a long-lasting relationship with your company.  The team you choose must be driven to help you succeed.

We have consultants, analysts, technicians, implementers, developers, quality assurance specialists, and project managers that are all trained and certified in ERP software.

Success with ERP is a journey, not a destination.  Your ERP implementation shouldn't end at go-live.  Your business will evolve over time, and so must your ERP.

We have created a unique blend of value-added services that continually assist your company once your initial ERP implementation is complete.  This includes personalized support and many other services that ensure continued success with your ERP.


ERP Made Simple

We've partnered with TRI Solutions to provide you with the best possible ERP experience.  Together, we make ERP simple and can help your company grow.  We pride ourselves in helping companies find solutions and optimize their systems to achieve their business goals.  We want to build great long-lasting relationships with our customers.  Success with an ERP is a journey, not a destination, and we want to take the journey with you.

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Why Companies Choose EIS

Companies choose EIS because they are looking for a technology partner that helps them grow their business and adapts and changes with them over time as their company evolves.  At EIS, all customers are treated as partners.  We foster the creation of innovative solutions that give companies the competitive edge they are looking for.  We are eclectic because we help companies choose the best ideas from a wide variety of sources, including our own experience helping other companies grow.  And we are a partner with our customers because we stay involved with them for as long as they have their system, providing personalized support and value added services to ensure continued growth.

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