Guru Rewards

Fixed Monthly Pricing. No Service Fees, Ever.
Introducing Guru Rewards.

We live in the world of cloud-based software as a service and subscription-based licensing. And yet, companies continue to pay large upfront implementation fees that can cost 1-3 times the first year’s license fee, especially for ERP implementations. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can pay for the same level of service as you go for one fixed monthly fee instead of paying for services all upfront? Absolutely. Which is why we are introducing Guru Rewards. With Guru Rewards, you’ll have one fixed monthly fee for your ERP and never have to pay for services, ever. This allows you to capture the return on your investment with the software, train your team and optimize your business processes over time as you grow with a fixed monthly fee.  EIS provides a true partnership opportunity where questions and continuous improvement are encouraged, we want to be a part of your success and provide value at the right time for your business.

What are Guru Rewards?

Guru Rewards is our way of providing services to our customers and thanking them each month for their loyalty.  Instead of the traditional model of paying large upfront fees for implementation and professional services, we package software and services together for you into one fixed monthly fee.  Then you can use your rewards for service, giving your access to our Gurus.

What Does the Fixed Monthly Fee Include?

The software package you purchase has a fixed monthly fee that includes:

  • Software license for the Acumatica ERP edition of your choice, including any desired add-on modules
  • No hidden billable hours
  • 90 day implementation
  • Best-practice ERP configuration
  • Initial setup and deployment of your ERP
  • Training videos for your staff
  • CSV data import templates
  • Guru Rewards earned each month to redeem for services
  • Weekly “Ask the Guru" where you can call in and ask any question you want
  • Month/Quarter/Year end closing available
  • New employee training available
  • Patching and annual upgrades
  • Data migration available

By packaging software and services together, we can get your ERP up and running in a fraction of the time of a traditional ERP implementation.  Then, redeem your Guru Rewards for any  professional or value-added service you desire for the software packages you purchased. The more you spend, the more Guru Rewards you earn.

What Can I Use Guru Rewards For?

Guru Rewards can be used for any professional or value-added service for the software packages that you purchase. Guru Rewards gives you access to our “Gurus”, who are experts in the implementation, customization, maintenance, and usage of ERP software.  Guru Rewards can be redeemed for services such as advice and consulting, business process review, additional configuration, custom inquiries, dashboards, reports, custom development, personalized training, and support (just to name a few).

Some Ideas might be to be apart of our GURU Reviews program:

  • Q1 (January) Business goal planning; The Year in Review and the Year Ahead. 
  • Q2 (April) Technology Highlights; Software features and updates, Upgrade planning
  • Q3 (July) Mid-year review; Get aggressive to achieve goals
  • Q4 (October) Mind the Gaps and Measure success; Budget Planning for Next Year

Are There Any Limits to Guru Rewards?

Guru Rewards can only be used for services on software packages you purchase. They cannot be used to purchase software packages, are not redeemable for cash, and cannot be applied as a credit towards your monthly fee.

How Do I Earn Guru Rewards?

Each software package comes with a fixed amount of Guru Rewards for the initial setup and deployment of that package. Then each month you’ll earn a fixed amount of Guru Rewards with on-time payments.  You can accelerate the number of Guru Rewards earned each month by adding a support package.

What Support Packages Do You Offer?

Our Standard support package is included with all license purchases and include a fixed amount of Guru Rewards each month for you to use. You can add our Essentials, Plus, or Premier support package to accelerate the number of Guru Rewards earned each month. Paid support packages offer additional levels of support including faster response times, additional contact options, extended support hours, priority support, and dedicated resources. Support packages increase your monthly fee by a fixed percentage depending on the support package selected. The number of additional Guru Rewards earned each month increases proportionately to your monthly fee and support package selected.

Can I Pay with My Corporate Credit Card?

Yes, absolutely, and we encourage it.  There are no additional fees to use your corporate credit card. We want our customers to be able to take advantage of our Guru Rewards and any other rewards that your credit card company has to offer. You’ll rack up points, miles, or cash back quickly by paying your monthly fee for your ERP software packages using a credit card.

Do I Need a Large Amount of Guru Rewards to Get Started?

No. All our software packages come with enough Guru Rewards to get you up and running quickly. We strongly believe that success with ERP is a journey, not a destination. Getting into your ERP as quickly as possible helps you realize your return on your investment sooner. Then you can use your Guru Rewards to enhance and extend your ERP as your company evolves and grows over time. From our experience, this is a much better and cost-effective way of implementing ERP, and allows you to make small, incremental changes when you need them instead of trying to plan for everything you need all upfront.

What If I Need Additional Guru Rewards for a Service?

If you don’t have enough Guru Rewards for a desired service, you can either wait until you accumulate enough Guru Rewards for that service (you earn Guru Rewards each month), or you can purchase additional Guru Rewards at any time from your account manager.  The more Guru Rewards you purchase, the more money you save.  You can also purchase a support package which accelerates the number of Guru Rewards you earn each month.

Do Guru Rewards Expire?

Never. Guru Rewards have no expiration date, they are yours for as long as you have your software subscription.  You can use them for any professional or value-added service you desire on any software package you purchase.

How Do I Redeem Guru Rewards?

Simply request the desired service and we will apply the appropriate amount of Guru Rewards towards that service.  Keep in mind that certain services may require planning and scheduling of Guru resources, such as consulting, configuration, customization, and personalized training. Other services such as support are offered on a first come, first serve basis. We strive to help resolve support issues as quickly as possible.

Are There Any Commitment Requirements for Guru Rewards?

We ask for annual commitments from our customers. We offer 3-year price locks and additional Guru Rewards each month for customers that sign 3-year contracts.  We also require monthly payments to be made on-time to earn rewards (which is really easy when you pay with your corporate credit card).

What If I Choose to Cancel My Software Subscription?

We’ll be very sad to see you go, as we strongly value our relationship with our customers and want to help them succeed and grow. If you choose to cancel at the end of your contract, you will forfeit any Guru Rewards you may have earned.