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Introducing Guru Rewards.

Professional Services

We offer two different types of complementary services that ensure success with an ERP in your organization: Professional Services and Value-Added Services.  These are all packaged together in our Guru Rewards program along with your ERP license.

Our professional services take a white-glove approach to implementing ERP.  We believe this is a much better approach than a shared or assisted implementation, and in our experience will get you live faster and reduce overall implementation cost.  We use a proven 4D Methodology to discover, design, develop, and deliver a successful ERP implementation.  Our professional services include the following:


Our consultants guide you through the discovery process and help design the optimal ERP implementation for your business, incorporating their own experiences with industry best-practices.


Our implementation specialists take the business requirements and architecture/design and use that information to configure the ERP.

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis is performed during discovery and design.  This is where we identify potential gaps in ERP functionality that requires additional customization to achieve your business requirements.

Customization / Development

Our developers build the customizations needed to fill the gaps identified during discovery and design, building customized processes and integrations.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team builds test cases for each business requirement to ensure that the system is configured and customized correctly.

Project Management

Our project managers ensure that projects stay on time and on budget and provide pro-active communication throughout the entire life cycle of the project.

As your implementation progresses through its delivery phase, we gradually transition you to our managed services team.  A committed Account Manager is introduced during training and learns the configuration of your new system with you, and also learns how your business operates.  Your implementation team continues to work with you both during and after go-live for a designated period of time, ensuring that everything is working smoothly before the final hand-off to your Account Manager.  This gradual transition will give you the confidence you need and will help you feel comfortable knowing that you are in good hands with your Account Manager and the managed services team after go-live.

Your journey continues after go-live with our value-added services