Use Cases

When selecting an ERP, it is often helpful to learn about other companies and what they are doing with Acumatica.  At EIS, our staff has helped over 100 companies successfully implement their ERP.

Acumatica has been in business for over 10 years and is growing rapidly.  In 2017, they delivered a 144% growth rate!  They have over 4,000 customers worldwide and hundreds of partners that make up the Acumatica community.

Read up on our most recent use cases and other Acumatica success stories.

EIS Upgrades Steemit from Quickbooks to Acumatica

Steemit, a new cryptocurrency company that is gaining momentum with their creation of STEEM and the STEEM blockchain, was using Quickbooks for financials and Concur for bill and payment processing.  The company is growing rapidly and needed a backoffice technology stack that would scale to support multiple legal entities and multiple currencies, including support for cryptocurrency (e.g. STEEM, Bitcoin, etc.).  The integration with Concur and Quickbooks doesn't provide all the information they need.  This results in duplicate entry, which is prone to human error and labor intensive.  Steemit also has a need to track budgets at a project level and be able to report financials on a per-project basis, which they cannot do in Quickbooks because they use classes for departments.


EIS Helps TRI Air Testing Replace Legacy Symix ERP

TRI Air Testing, a compressed air testing laboratory, had a 30 year old legacy system called Symix that was in need of a major overhaul.  The system had been customized over the years with many different options and workarounds, resulting in a system that was difficult to use.  Combined with new staff and the complexity around air testing and order entry, mistakes were being made by users and there were no system controls in place to prevent them.