Choosing the Right ERP for Your Organization

An ERP is a significant and emotional investment for a company.  It is often the largest software investment a company will make in their lifetime.  When choosing an ERP, you want something that will be around for the long haul and will grow with you as your organization evolves over time.  You want flexibility and choice in a single comprehensive solution to manage your business effectively.

ERPs must be:


The ERP must span a broad variety of industries.  This helps ensure that the ERP you select can be configured in a variety of different ways.  It also demonstrates the ERP vendor's commitment and dedication to servicing many different types of organizations.


The ERP must be accessible anywhere, anytime, or any device, and it must behave the same way no matter how you use it.  Cloud-based solutions with customized experiences for mobile devices is key to ensuring operational efficiency.  This allows people to work how and when they want.


The ERP must be easy to use.  It should feel and behave like an natural extension of your business, not an impediment to it.  The more people in the organization using the ERP, the more you can streamline and optimize your business processes.  This allows people to do their job more easily.


The ERP needs to be integrated into your environment, and be used as a tool to communicate effectively within and outside your organization.  This gives everyone visibility into what is going on, and allows people to get the information they need directly from the system without having to ask someone every time.


The ERP should simplify your daily routines.  It should completely automate or assist with processes to improve efficiency and make sure things are done correctly.  It should help prevent people from making mistakes.  This eliminates the painstaking, mundane, and boring tasks and allows people to focus on what they are good at - it allows your organization to spend more time innovating and improving processes.


The ERP must be customizable and integrable. This allows your ERP to streamline and automate processes that it may not support out-of-the-box, either through extensions built by third-party vendors, integrations with other best-in-class products, or customizations that are built specifically to address the individual needs of your business.


The ERP must provide real-time information through a combination of dashboards, business intelligence, notifications, and reporting.  This allows you to make intelligent, informed, and data-driven decisions to optimize your business.

What ERP Do We Use to Run Our Business?

Our staff has implemented many different ERPs in the past, and has worked with many different ERP vendors.  As an ERP implementer, reseller, partner, and service provider, we believe in "drinking our own champagne".  It is extremely important for us to use an ERP that meets all of the selection criteria (listed above) and can help our customers be successful and grow with their ERP.  Most importantly, the ERP vendor must genuinely care about their partners and customers and is quick to respond, help, and innovate when needed.

After careful consideration, we chose Acumatica to run our business.

We strongly believe that Acumatica can help you run your business effectively, efficiently, and can help you grow.  It can adapt, change, and evolve with your company over time.  It is adaptable, seamless, intuitive, collaborative, automated, extendable, and insightful.  And, Acumatica as a company is truly a pleasure to work with.  All of the things that make Acumatica a great choice for an ERP.