TRI Solutions

EIS and TRI Solutions have partnered to provide you with the best possible service. We formed this partnership in 2018 because we felt that both our companies had very similar goals and objectives and had talents that would complement each other in many different ways.  With our implementation team and TRI Solutions' experience of "Been There, Done That!" we have a dynamic team ready to solve your company's growth issues. Together, we will help you take the journey and succeed with your ERP.  

Our ERP customer values are represented best by these six business philosophies: 

Who is TRI Solutions?

TRI Solutions is part of a larger family of companies owned by TRI International (Texas Research International), founded in 1975.  The TRI Solutions company was formed in 2018 after having implemented Acumatica ERP (starting in 2015).  They learned a lot from their experience, and realized that there must be a better way to embark on the ERP journey.

Today, TRI International successfully uses Acumatica to manage 14 different companies of all different shapes and sizes, employing over 120 scientists, engineers, technicians and support personnel around the world.  TRI develops products and technologies from contracted projects for government and private sector clients.  Once the products and technologies are developed, TRI evaluates and executes the appropriate business models to ensure success.  TRI's laboratories provide analytical testing and lab services for a wide variety of industries.  Each TRI subsidiary has a unique focus often with overlapping and supporting interests, a structure that is beneficial to their clients, as they have access to TRI's extensive experience and resources.

TRI Solutions has the ability to market, sell, and share their experiences with Acumatica, but they needed a local implementation partner to help them successfully deliver ERP to other companies.  They knew they had a vast amount of experience and knowledge that they wanted to share with the world, including the ability to build dashboards and reports in Acumatica, but they needed a services team with the correct methodology and approach to ERP implementation that aligned with their anticipated ideal ERP experience that they felt would be successful for other companies.  The combination of our 4D Methodology, our Growth and Enablement Program, our Team, our Mission, and our Values aligned perfectly with the goals and objectives of TRI Solutions.  At the same time, EIS needed to build a sales and marketing team to help the company grow.  The pairing of the talent from both companies was perfect.


How do TRI Solutions and EIS Work Together?

TRI Solutions is responsible for the sales and marketing of our products and services.  We assist TRI Solutions throughout the sales cycle, meeting with prospective customers and learning about their needs to come up with the correct combination of products and services for that company.  If you engage with us, you will definitely be working with team members from both TRI Solutions and EIS.  We treat each other as extensions of each other's teams, which is why both TRI Solutions team members and EIS team members are listed as part of each other's staff on our websites.  We are all one big happy family.

EIS is responsible for acquiring the Product Licenses (e.g. Acumatica) as well as providing the Professional Services and Value-Added Services to implement and maintain the ERP successfully.  EIS has the staff with the knowledge and experience to take you on your ERP journey and ensure that you are successful with your ERP.

Together, both TRI Solutions and EIS are both responsible for supporting our customers.  TRI Solutions helps with Tier 1 support and escalates items to EIS when necessary.  Our Account Managers, Support Specialists, and Support Engineers also act as a single team, helping to balance the load and direct the customer to the correct people based upon the help that you need.  We have checks and balances in place to ensure that customers remain happy.  We are both in this to build great long-term relationships with our customers, and together we will achieve that goal one new customer at a time.

If we do our job right, you should never even notice that you are working with two companies (except when you see our logos next to our faces, or on our business cards or email signatures).  Together, we act as one, and we make the experience as seamless as possible for our prospects and our customers.