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Software and services industries have many things in common, since many software companies also provide services.  Managing recurring and deferred revenue along with tracking the costs of project time and materials, complex billing scenarios, cost of acquisition, project profitability, upsells, customer satisfaction, and renewals are just some of the items critical to these industries.

At EIS, we have extensive experience in configuring and customizing ERPs for companies that sell software and/or services, including recurring and deferred revenue, complex billing and allocation rules, time and expense management, project accounting, revenue and cost budgeting, commitments, change orders, project profitability, license and subscription management, service contracts, quoting, case management, equipment management, service automation, routing, and customer management.

For Software and Service companies, EIS recommends:



Why Acumatica for Software / Services?

Grow Through Excellent Relationships

Maintaining customer satisfaction should be a top concern.

Your success as a professional services company depends on satisfied clients for repeat business and referrals. Automating sales, marketing, and service processes and integrating them with your financials helps you maintain customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Acumatica’s integrated software and services ERP applications include:

  • Customer Management
  • Sales and Marketing Automation
  • Orders and Contract Management
  • Service and Support Automation
  • Billing and Revenue Management

Mission-Critical Applications

Specific functionality critical for today’s software and services industries.

Manage costs, revenues, and budgets for complex projects, including deferred revenue recognition and recurring billing, with Acumatica.  Modern ERP technology is an essential tool for any company to streamline operations and accelerate growth. But to remain profitable in the dynamic and competitive world of software and technology, it is essential to have the best systems.

Typical areas that impact this industry are:

  • Availability and access to information
  • Tracking the actual cost for projects
  • Recurring billing and deferred revenue recognition for a variety of customers
  • Customer support to grow customer references

Increase Productivity With Visibility and Control

Improve productivity with insightful information.

Help everyone on your staff be as productive and satisfied as possible. Acumatica can help you get the right people assigned to the right project at the right time to keep customers happy and billable hours high.

Business intelligence and dashboards give businesses insights into customer trends and buying patterns. Acumatica leverages Microsoft Power BI as a self-service analytical tool, so staff can leverage your ERP data for greater insight into your service business.


Work Productively Anywhere

Meet the demands of a mobile, global workforce.

Acumatica provides the reliability, security and anytime-anywhere access that only a cloud-based solution can deliver. Access and act upon real-time data using any device with a browser or use the Acumatica app on your smart phone or tablet. Be productive whether you are in your office, at a customer site, or traveling.

Acumatica was designed and built to meet the needs of fast-changing and growing businesses. Everything you need is included in one, integrated, and highly tailorable package that meets your needs today, and in the future.


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