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Multi-channel experiences and operating efficiencies are key to these industries.  Both in-store and online experiences must support anytime, anywhere, from any device, and must be seamlessly integrated with order management and processing.  Real-time status of orders, inventory, shipments, and profitability, as well as the ability to support existing customers are critical.

At EIS, we have extensive experience building customized solutions around retail and eCommerce platforms and ERP, including sales order management, inventory management, physical and digital fulfillment, integrations with eCommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify, purchase order management, credit card processing, point-of-sale solutions, multi-currency and taxes (local, state, federal, and international/VAT), subitems and matrix items, case management, multi-entity, and workflow process automation and optimization.

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Why Acumatica for Retail / eCommerce?

Selling Drives Business

Right product, right time, and right price.

Midsize retailers are focused on growth, but always with an eye on profitability. Although midsize retail firms may lack the resources of their larger competitors, they enjoy the advantage of being closer to the customers, and of being more flexible in strategy execution and pricing. But many retailers worry that these attributes may erode as their businesses expand.


Excellence in Fulfillment is the Only Option

Have it available or lose the sale. Deliver the product to the customer as accurately and as quickly as possible.

There are only many major retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon. The rest of the retail landscape is made up of thousands of smaller companies competing in niche markets that are focused by product or geography.

The big names have distinct advantages in purchasing, distribution, and marketing, but smaller companies can also compete against these large retailers by selling unique merchandise, serving a local market, or providing exceptional customer service. When you use technology to operate more efficiently than your larger competitors, you can offer the kind of customer service that draws shoppers away from the behemoths.

To do this, you need an ERP system that works just as hard as you do—an ERP system that helps you deliver the right product to the customer as quickly as possible.


Modern POS is a Requirement

Retail Point of Sale is evolving quickly to respond to the buyer’s expectations.

You can’t achieve retail success unless you’re consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations at the point of sale (POS). But as more retail competitors pop up, customers feel empowered to demand greater and greater value for their money. That’s why POS systems for retail must deliver the features you need to keep raising the bar—and must do so at a price you can afford.

Acumatica is an economical retail POS system for multi-location retailers, franchise operators, and regional and national chain stores. It delivers a centralized view of the information you need to complete the retail POS process quickly and effectively. With Acumatica, you have immediate access to information such as customer and order history, real-time order status, inventory data, and profitability by location and product.


eSelling is Today’s Reality

Rapid growth of online sales is escalating challenges for online retail and wholesale distribution operations.

Multi-channel retailing is a fast-growing part of the retail industry and a prime source of competition for traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. Companies in every segment of retail and wholesale feel pressure to add a direct eCommerce channel while they continue to enhance and extend the online aspects of their businesses.


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