Distributors are challenged with rapidly changing customer demands, complex product inventories, and fluctuations in the supply chain.  Quote-to-Cash is a critical process, and having integrated financials, inventory, purchase and sales order management, customer management, service and support automation, and customer self-service portals are all important pieces of functionality for distributors.

At EIS, we have extensive experience in creating customized quote-to-cash processes, including sales orders, purchase orders, multiple warehouses, multiple locations/bins, pick/pack/ship, UPS/Fedex integration, LTL integration, inventory transfers, kit assemblies, taxes (local, state, federal, and international/VAT), labels, shipping and handling charges, landed costs, subitems (item variations), replenishment, movement and ABC codes, inventory valuations, lot/serial numbers, custom item pricing and discounts, inventory availability calculations, multiple branches, multiple legal entities, EDI integration, and more.

For Distribution companies, EIS recommends:


Why Acumatica for Distribution?

Adapt to Thrive in Distribution

Optimize your purchase-to-pay process and improve customer service. 

Wholesale distributors must balance a number of challenges, including:

  • Meeting fast changing customer requirements and demand
  • Growing and managing margins in the face of higher costs and reduced selling prices
  • Dealing with fluctuation and variation within the global supply chain
  • Addressing channel disintermediation

Serve Customers from Quote-to-Cash

Position your business for growth with excellent customer service.

Customers judge your performance and return to buy from you again based upon your speed and quality of response, your on-time delivery commitments, and your customer service across all contact points.

A single unified view of customer activity is critical to knowing the following: what the customer ordered, what has been quoted, current stock status of all items and future availability dates and quantities, shipment status including backorder status, customer shipping preferences and past experiences, accounts receivable balances and payment history, outstanding orders and returns on record (and reasons for each), and any other customer information including comments, ratings, and complaints.  To best service the customer, you must know the customer.


Optimize the Supply Side of Distribution Operations

Gain visibility to help you achieve high availability, optimize operations, and minimize inventory costs.

For any distributor, it’s all about having the right item available for sale in the right quantity, at the right time, in the right place, at the right price. Failure to do so leads to lost business, lost customers, and increased costs. Overstocks add cost with no added value, and stock-outs damages customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Better Decision-Making with More Accurate Financial Data

Workflow, collaboration, analytics, and mobile device support can streamline your business.

Like every business, distributors need accurate financial information to make sound business decisions. Acumatica includes the core set of financial applications, fully integrated with customer management and operational software for distributors and wholesalers for timely and accurate financial data. Each module has been developed to meet the needs of growing multi-national organizations, yet is affordable for small and midsize businesses.


Video Testimonials

Video Testimonial from Wholesale Distributor: Consolidated West Distributing


Video Testimonial from Wholesale Distributor: Bell and Company


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