About Us

Who is EIS?

The EIS founders are veterans and active military personnel.  They are very proud to have served and continue to serve their country.  They want to help other companies, especially ones owned and/or run by other veterans or active military.  They appreciate the skills they've learned through military service, including leadership, hard work, dedication, diligence, effectiveness and efficiency.  They carry and instill these values throughout the EIS organization and treat their employees and customers with the same honor, courtesy, and respect that they have for their fellow military comrades.

How do we help companies grow?

We implement technology that helps businesses streamline business operations and provide value-added services around it.  At the core of any growing company is technology that helps automate and/or facilitate business processes.  Many businesses start out using simple software solutions such as Quickbooks, and often extend that functionality by using other systems.  These systems are often disconnected, and include the use of many spreadsheets to supplement missing features.  We get involved with companies when they realize that their technology backbone is not scalable and they recognize the need and value of an ERP, or have legacy ERPs that no longer meet their needs.

Why do companies choose EIS?

Companies choose EIS because they are looking for a technology partner that helps them grow their business, and adapts and changes with them over time as their company evolves.  At EIS, all customers are treated as partners.  We foster the creation of innovative solutions that give companies the competitive edge they are looking for.  We are eclectic because we help companies choose the best ideas from a wide variety of sources, including our own experience helping other companies grow.  And we are a partner with our customers because we stay involved with them as long as they have their system, providing personalized support as well as value added services to ensure their continued growth.

What types of companies does EIS help?

We enjoy working with businesses who are ready to take that next evolutionary step in the growth of their business.  We specialize in industries such as distribution, manufacturing, software, services, retail, eCommerce, and government.  We want to work with companies that realize the value of technology.  We pride ourselves in fostering a relationship which each and every company so we can grow with them.  We treat all of our customers as partners.  Its the primary reason why we provide subscription-based services - it reduces the cost of entry into ERP for small companies, and it allows us to continue to provide help companies beyond the initial implementation.

Our team is our most important asset.