Here are some insights on how to quickly check on your company's health on a regular basis.

Being an analyst, I like to use the word “engine” to describe a business. Like an engine, a business consumes various inputs, processes them, and then produces various outputs. So, if your company is an engine, you need someone who can run various inspections to figure out why it is not performing to its full potential, and propose ways the engine can be enhanced.

Who knows your business better than you? Probably, nobody. Let me ask you a question: Do you inspect your company’s health regularly?

Here is the good news: with Acumatica, you can see the status of your company’s well-being at a glance. This ERP offers a collection of reporting and analytical tools that makes your job easier and more productive.

Financial Statements are great, but what about nice visual dashboards that provide you with real (punctual) data?

Every CEO or CFO I have worked with will wake up in the morning and check the Financial Dashboard before even reading the daily news. This ‘ritual’ assists them in planning the day, setting up meetings (sorry, folks) and making decisions.

Below is an example of what a CEO can simply do via a dashboard in 5 minutes while having a morning cup of coffee:

  • Check cash balances, Revenue and Costs
  • Look at the total amount of Open Sales orders
  • Set up meeting with VP of Sales, Head of Logistics and some others
  • Approve time off requests
  • See & Approve AP payments
  • See AR Ageing summary and dig into details if needed

And the best part – he can do this with his mobile device. Isn’t that impressive?

We are happy to create dashboards that will change not only the way you start a day, but it might change the way you run your business.

About the Author

Anna Borisova
TRI, Director of Analytics and Systems Management
With almost fourteen years of experience in Business Analysis and Finance in the US and Europe, Anna brings skills, knowledge and expertise to grow your business a make it excel. She is prepared for anything and even more if it brings more value to the client.

Anna easily establishes a relationship with your Acumatica system. With her help, Tableau sparkles and Excel sings. Words like “dashboard”, “forecast”, and “deviations” don’t scare her.

Beginning in February 2017, Anna has worked as a Business Analyst at TRI-Intl ensuring business data and reporting needs are met. She continually works to improve processes and enable TRI to grow. Her experience includes two years at a US leading producer of kinetic energy storage systems, almost twelve years at a very successful German chimney and ventilation systems manufacturer, IKEA, and a national air carrier of Kazakhstan.

Anna holds a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, and has developed superior organizational and project management skills. She is eager to learn and an easy-going person who always like to think outside the box.